The following professional development resources are available through the SPD:

Online Professional Development

  • Getting Results – This online course funded by the National Science Foundation has been created especially for community college educators.  It focuses on pedagogical best practices as well as teaching with technology and assessment.
  • Starlink – View teleconferences that were previously broadcast live which deal with a variety of education topics.

For assistance accessing these resources please contact our office at (850) 484-1754.

Professional Development Programs

  •  Convocation
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • New  Employee Orientation
  • Summer Institute
  • Fall Institute
  • Adjunct  Incentive Plan
  • Adjunct Orientation
  • Cultural Awareness Training

Adjunct Handbook – 2015

Initial Credentialing – Information regarding Initial Credentialing can be found in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

eLearning – eLearning sessions are available through the eLearning Department.  All eLearning sessions are also listed on the SPD calendar.  CLICK HERE to visit to the eLearning website.

SPD Catalogue – Browse through the catalogue to learn additional information about in-service workshops offered.

Fall & Spring Training Calendar – A schedule of in-service workshops, webinars and specialized training sessions provided college-wide.